Arduino Platform

Arduino – the hardware computing platform, the main components of which are input/output card and language development environment Processing/Wiring. Arduino – a tool for the design of electronic devices (electronic designer) more interacting with the physical environment than standard PCs, which are virtually beyond virtuality. This platform is designed to «physical computing» open source, based on a simple circuit board with a modern environment for writing software. («Physical computing» in the broadest sense, means building physical systems by the use of software and hardware that can perceive and react to changes in the outside world).
Arduino is used to create electronic devices with the ability to receive signals from various digital and analog sensors that can be connected to it, and control various actuators. Projects devices based on Arduino, can work independently or interact with the software on your computer (eg Flash, Processing, MaxMSP). Boards can be assembled by yourself or bought assembled. Development environment of open source software available for free download.
Arduino programming language is an implementation of Wiring, a similar platform for the «physical computing», based on multimedia programming environment Processing.
The original Arduino boards manufactured by Smart Projects. Currently available versions of 20 cards that are different characteristics of the microcontroller and the number of analog and digital outputs ( Key elements Arduino Uno board is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 – Key elements Arduino Uno board

• Microcontroller – for run the program;
• Reset button – performs resetting the microcontroller and restart program;
• Port USB – provides communication with PC programming and device power;
• LED (pin 13) – LED connected to digital output №13;
• Power + 9V – Powered from an external source (battery, power supply).
Arduino Uno is based on microcontroller Atmega 328P from Atmel. Specifications fees are listed in Table 1.

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