Arduino + open flame sensor (flame sensor)


Flame sensor to record the presence of a flame or other source of light wavelength 760 – 1100 nm line of sight in front of him.
Supply voltage – 5 V. The sensor detects the presence of fire in the corner of sensitivity in 60 °. Indications is in the form of analog signal: 4.8 V at a distance of 20 cm – 1 at a distance of 100 cm. It is not recommended to enhance the flame too close to the sensor, as it may take him down. Operating temperature flame sensor is -25 to +85 degrees Celsius.
As in the case with gas sensor, my sensor has 4 contacts (power, ground, digital output, analog output), your sensor may have 3 contacts (power, ground, analog output). I hooked his analog output to analog input A0 Arduino. ground to ground and power supply in accordance with Arduino (5V). As I used a buzzer alarm is connected to 10 digital contact Arduino.


Reads data a simple sketch:

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