Branto – smart home gadget from Ukrainian developers

Startup native of Dnepropetrovsk conquered the world’s largest technology exhibition CES 2015. Ukrainian designers presented a device called Branto, which can turn any home into a “smart”.


“Smart” technologies are becoming more functional, less expensive and therefore more common. Smart phones, smart glasses, smart watches, bracelets and even smart clothes in the past few years flooded the shelves of technology worldwide. Gradually, as is popular and “smart” home.


What is Branto? This device spherical shape, which can be connected to the Internet. It has a built-in camera with shooting the horizon of 360 degrees, allowing you to remotely see everything that happens in the room where this device is installed.


Like other systems of “smart” home, Branto allows you to remotely control various home appliances: TV, refrigerator, lighting, heating, air conditioning, power sockets, alarms, etc. Device also able to respond to unexpected suspicious activity inside the building, such as movement in the house at the time when the owners are on vacation or at work.
Branto also equipped with a microphone and speakers. This will allow the building owner to communicate with children and pets, being anywhere in the world. Also, the online camera is useful in terms of building security, because it can be used at any time to find out what is going on in the house.


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