Cloud devices for “smart” house HS100, HS110 and HS200 were represented by TP-LINK

Company TP-LINK, specializing in the production of computer equipment class SOHO and SMB, introduced at CES 2015 device to “smart” house HS100, HS110 and HS200 series Smart Home. New products are designed to stop access to state manual control, configuration automation and monitoring of home appliances in any place where there is an Internet connection.


Devices for “smart” home use cloud server TP-LINK and have affordable and reliable software, mobile application for Android and iOS, running on schedule, with a multiplayer mode and easy setup.
These allow you to perform many everyday tasks: Remote control electricity consumption while on vacation or a business trip, reducing the cost of public services without restriction in comfort, improve home safety by setting indoor and outdoor lighting, observation of animals, etc.

HS100 and HS110 – Wi-Fi-devices that plug into a wall outlet. After activation simple mobile application allows users to manage their settings, define and schedule control, regardless of location. Users can connect any electrical appliances, such as lamps and devices to TVs Smart Home, and manage their work according to the set schedule. In addition, the model HS110 can track power consumption of connected devices.


HS200 can replace traditional single-phase light switch. With it, users can define and schedule control of home appliances, such as lighting, ceiling fans and air conditioning.

“The demand for devices that provide simple, effective and intuitive control home automation increases due to the accelerated pace of life of the modern consumer electronic and growing number of devices connected to the network,” – said Wu Lewis (Lewis Wu) Executive Vice President of Mission TP-LINK USA – “we are very pleased to development of the Internet of things, and production of our devices HS100, HS110 and HS200 help meet growing demand for home automation control.”

Model HS100, HS110 and HS200 will be available in the international market in the III quarter of 2015.

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