Computer for $ 9 and 2 million on Kickstarter

In crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to raise funds for completed production CHIP, the world’s cheapest computer, which costs $ 9. Developers have collected more than $ 2 million. This was reported on the official website of the project.

CHIP in minimal configuration – a card that plugs into any TV or monitor, which is a processor with a clock speed of 1 GHz, 512 MB RAM and flash storage to 4 gigabytes. Its performance indicators correspond roughly to mid-range smartphone. CHIP installed OS on Linux, device supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


Crowdfunding campaign lasted almost a month (from May 7 to June 6). The project team was able to collect 40 times more than the planned amount and receive orders from nearly 40,000 users worldwide.

Order CHIP could a few options. Naybyudzhetnishyy option worth $ 9 model with battery – for 19 dollars, and added HDMI-adapter – 24 dollars. The line was presented and more “luxurious” pocket Pocket CHIP in the housing with a display of 4.3 inches, a resolution of 470 to 272 pixels, QWERTY-keyboard and a battery that will last approximately 4.5 hours. It was estimated at $ 49. The first deliveries of CHIP in minimal configuration planned for December this year. Those who like the advanced functionality PocketCHIP, will have to wait longer: its distribution is scheduled for May 2016-th.

Creators CHIP bet on price, but, despite the stated price base configuration, the experts still question. As noted in the publication CNXSoft, offers charm ceases to seem unprecedented, given the cost of delivery CHIP – $ 29 including delivery outside the United States, which is close to the market value of competing devices.

The most famous mini-computer Raspberry Pi has several versions: with a processor with a frequency of 700 MHz and memory at 1 GB it will cost $ 35. In the field of the Internet of things ready alternative to CHIP and computers Raspberry Pi can be a mini-computer unit. At the beginning of 2015 gathered on Kickstarter investment Russian company “Intelligent electronics”. According to the creators, Black Swift can be used by the processor to make “reasonable” virtually any device, for example, manage home appliances smartphone. A year earlier, a mini-computer for the Internet of things on Linux presented by Intel – Edison functional can replace the computer at sizes close to the card format SD.


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