Configuring Arduino IDE to work with WAVGAT UNO R3 (Analog of Arduino UNO R3)

Everyone is well aware of the huge number of analogues of the Arduino board, which is due to the openness of the architecture of this platform. As a rule, they all can work with the standard Arduino IDE development environment, but unlike the original motherboards, analogues (in particular on CH340 / ATmega328 chips) often require additional settings.

WAVGAT UNO R3 or WAVCAT UNO R3 – belongs to one of these functional and compatible analogue of Arduino UNO R3 board.

Preparing to work with this board includes performing the following steps:

    1.Installation of Arduino IDE;
    2. Install drivers for the CH340 chip;
    3. Making changes to the Arduino IDE needed to work with WAVGAT UNO R3.
1. Installation of Arduino IDE
First, you need to download from the official website and install Arduino IDE package:

2. Installing the drivers for the chip series CH340 / CH341
Similarly, we download and install the drivers using the link:

3. Configuring Arduino IDE
To Arduino IDE could work with the board WAVGAT first need to download the files here:
Once you download the update.rar archive, you need to unpack it and move the two directories contained in it (hardware and libraries) into the Arduino directory:
where Admin_user – is your Windows account with administrator privileges.
After that you need to restart the Arduino IDE and check it in the settings Tools/Board: the WAVGAT UNO R3 item appears at the bottom and whether your computer recognizes the board after it is connected (in Tools/Port or the Settings/Port there should be a point other than COM1).

At this point, if everything is done correctly, you may need to restart the Arduino IDE and re-connect the WAVGAT board. That’s it, now you can work with WAVGAT UNO R3 like the Arduino UNO R3. If you have any questions or difficulties – feel free to ask them in the comments. Good luck!

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