Motorola Scout 5000 show the location of your dog

The company Motorola, known primarily as a manufacturer of mobile devices and “smart” electronics, decided to increase the range of products is a portable device. However, in this case, a proud user model called Motorola Scout 5000 will not buyer himself, and his favorite four-legged pet.


Motorola Scout 5000 – is advanced in terms of technology collar for dogs that pet owners will cost $ 200, including 3G-free access to the network via a SIM-card for a year. For this amount engineers developer of proprietary product equipped with GPS-beacon that will send a signal about the location “Man’s Best Friend” directly to your mobile device. The function of geo-restrictions will adjust permissible to move the dog area at the exit beyond which the owner of the animal will be immediately notified of the incident.


Scout Model 5000 has a built-ins Wi-Fi and 3G (latest communications standards for responsible pet control over large distances), pedometer to determine overcome distance and Wide camera with a resolution of 720p. But this hardware component Scout 5000 is not limited. Portable collar instead of the classic unit has a microphone and speaker, so you can not only “see” everything that happens around the dog through the camera and hear (listen), issue commands, and communicate and meet such an original way of pedestrians.

motorola-scout-5000 (1)

A function «Bark Detection» will be responsible for sending the phone owner warning messages if the dog suddenly began to bark.


Of course, the concept is not new ideas. The market is already similar to the Motorola Scout 5000 counterparts, one of which is a system of firm Astro 320 Garmin. However, the latter is given a separate controller, will cost a bit more expensive and reduce your budget for a solid $ 600.



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