Parrot Pot – “reasonable” for pot plants


There are many ways to support plant life more complex than simply watering the soil. Lush plants with beautiful flowers require more attention, so the company Parrot technology presents for those who care about your tiny reserve. At CES 2015 the company introduced are similar devices Plot and Parrot H20. Novelty is equipped with sensors capable of measuring soil moisture, fertilizer concentration, temperature and light levels. The resulting information will be transmitted to the smart phone displaying the data provided through graphics and app will offer people short-term forecasts for the future, including in some deviations in the health of the plant. Model Parrot Pot – This pot with 2-liter storage water troughs and 4 separate irrigation system.


Parrot H20 operates with other pots and can operate even in the ground. Both devices can offer automatic irrigation, which is useful, for example, in the absence of the owner. Parrot Pot can switch to water saving mode when it detects a lack of water sources, and can provide Parrot H20 liquid depending on the type of plant.



The price of both devices are still unknown, but the manufacturer promises to release them this year.


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