Project Ara: latest prototype modular smartphone Spiral 2


While both manufacturers vying for the title of the company that produced the thinnest smartphone, Google is away from this fight. Instead, the developers of the project closely engaged in the creation of modular smartphone Project Ara.

Journalists from the famous techno-media TheVerge had the opportunity to hold in your hands the last phone prototype Project Ara.

Since the first announcement of the project in 2013, much time has passed, and now “Ara Project” (or Project Macaw, as you like) leaves the finish line. However, it may take many more months before they will be able to buy the phone.

The current prototype phone called “Spiral 2”, and it is understandable how – the penultimate prototype before the final version of the device. Now the phone is working with module display 720p, and eight additional modules on the back side, including the battery, camera and adapter microUSB.

As previously reported, developers have made the possibility of replacing the battery “on hot”, the battery can be replaced within 30 seconds, and all applications are still open. If you mess around longer, turn off the phone. The team is now working on a project objective extension of the term of 1-2 minutes.

The prototype shown to journalists was fully working, but the sensor is not working as journalists were unable to verify all functions. However, the device was loaded. Feels all modules dense collection of very high quality, without backlash. Base – aluminum, and steel are fragments.

Electro-permanent magnets for mounting modules is placed on the base and not on the back of the module as before. In addition, the module surface can be printed on a 3D printer.

In the next version of the prototype, Spiral 3 will be added module 4G LTE. Also added a couple of dozen modules (the total number – 30).

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