Raspberry Pi 2 – complete mini PC

Frankly, more than a month set aside this post. Finally it here. Though late, and sincerely welcome all fans with the release of Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi Model 2! This just goes on it.

New Raspberry Pi 2 can confidently boast new productive system Broadcom BCM2836 single-chip 32-bit 4-core ARM Cortex-A7, clocked at 900 MHz and 1 GB of RAM. The use of new components provides at least sixfold increase in performance compared to model B+.

The new single board computer Raspberry Pi Model B 2 is now available for purchase for $ 35.
In an interview with The Register founder and head of the Raspberry Pi Foundation Eben Upton told The Register, that “a new version of Model B is a practical PC.”


Outside the novelty looks identical to its predecessor. However, the new payment platform uses the BCM2836, which was in development for several years and, in addition to four processor cores, different “small refinements that provides support 1 GB of RAM.”

In the near future Eben Upton has to demonstrate the advantages of the new Raspberry Pi board community and partner companies, but that improvements in technical specifications provide “more opportunities than before”, and so of course;). The good news, of course, is also the fact that previous models Raspberry Pi boards are cheaper that allows you to set the recommended retail price Raspberry Pi 2 at the same level as for last year’s model B+.


It is also important to note that Microsoft plans to provide special free version of Windows 10 to support Raspberry Pi 2 under its own program Windows Developer Program Developer solutions and products for the segment of the Internet of things.

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