Raspberry Pi Model A + already on sale

When manufacturers Raspberry Pi in July announced the model B +, it was also noted that in parallel produced inexpensive option, similar to the original model Raspberry Pi A. This work resulted in the release announcement Raspberry Pi Model A + with the new low price of $ 20.


As a model A, A + model uses BCM2835 chip and has 256 MB of RAM, but it is significantly smaller (65 mm in length, compared with 86 mm for model A), consumes less energy and inherits many advantages borrowed the model B +, including:
More GPIO. GPIO number increased to 40 contacts. Model A + is compatible with the standard add-in boards HAT.
Micro SD. Old friction-fit socket for SD-card replaced much more pleasant push-push for micro SD.
Improved audio. Audio scheme includes special power supply with low noise.


Source: www.raspberrypi.org/

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