Reed sensor

Reed sensor is a special device designed to increase the security level of individual objects. The main active components of this product are reed switch and magnet, so that the device and got an appropriate name. Sensor reacts to opening doors in private homes and far from their garages, utility rooms, metal containers. Reed sensors are widely used to provide increased protection of various objects. They are installed on doors, gates, windows, fire hatches. The device is recommended for building rich schemes and special tasks of access control to premises protected.

Figure 1 – Reed sensor

Main component parts and the principle of reed sensor
The operation of reed sensor based on the principle of interaction of two main elements: a permanent magnet, which acts as specifying element and reed switch that acts as actuator.
Reed switch or magnetically sealed contact – a unique element in electronics, which is a two or three permaloyevyh plates that hermetically sealed inside a glass container with nitrogen under high pressure. This technology allows the design to completely eliminate any occurrence of oxidative processes within reed. Contact details of special reed covered with a thin film of precious metals, thus ensuring low transition resistance, high wear resistance and the possibility of switching currents. These characteristics reed retains temperature range from -60 to +180 ° C and maximum humidity of the surrounding environment. The above specifications ensure efficiency of the device for at least 12 years of age.

Figure 2 – Reed switch

Specifying element or permanent magnet installed on the moving part of the protected object, and executive or reed switch, with all switching devices and wires – on a stationary part of the object. When setting the actuator and sensor herkonovoho are next to each other, reed switch contacts are in closed position under the influence of the field, which creates a magnet. In this case, the sensor is in the “protection”. If the distance of these elements from each other there is a weakening of the magnetic field on the reed switch, causing its contacts are opened, and the sensor goes into “alarm”. Operational documentation of each sensor indicates the value of the distances between the basic elements that provide a stable formation of the above modes.

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