Security camera for smart home Netatmo Welcome


The most important function for smart home has been and remains its protection. Professional and special conditions of installation require significant investment. You can try to install inexpensive amateur cameras, but this mass no one will. The company realized it Netatmo one of the first set and offered protective amateur class size “all in one”.

Security camera, dubbed Welcome, designed as a cylinder made of anodized aluminum. With its elegant design is suitable for installation in any interior. Viewing angle, which is 130 °, is sufficient to establish control over the entrance to the room.

The camera “catches” all persons entering the frame, and recognize them. So when someone close is in the room, security system immediately sends this information to the control smartphone. Along the camera is capturing video in Full HD, preserving map microSD. Managing smartphone owner can view received video remotely.

If the frame gets an unfamiliar face or is movement, and the system does not recognize the identity of the new facility, an alarm is triggered. It can be transmitted in three possible ways – network cable through Wi-Fi network or report on a radio frequency. The owner of the house can remotely clarify the situation and respond to it as needed.

Anxiety seems as if the movement is registered in the dark. It recognizes the special infrared sensor located below the camera lens. If the landlord installs also special sensors that respond to the opening of doors or windows, you can control the situation and on the perimeter of the building.



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