“Smart” headphones Siemens Smart Hearing Aid


Number of gadgets in category “portable electronics” is growing. And the range will grow. We know that Google is working on the release of “smart” lens for diabetics to help measure blood glucose levels and restore normal refractive errors. A future nanorobots can autonomously monitor pressure and take blood.

Siemens is presented at the exhibition CES2015 gadget that you can use today – the headset Smart Hearing Aid, compatible with Android- and iOS-devices.

Its novelty lies in the management of discrete noisy. Using the headset, you can make phone calls in a noisy place, or listen to your music with much better sound than conventional headsets.

The secret gadget is the ability to selectively detect signs of noise arising surrounded by strangers in conversation, the wind through the engine of the car. The system is capable of real-time to eliminate “noise” without needing massive earcups that are inconvenient for everyday wear.

Source forbes.ru

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