Smart home based on thermostats Nest


The concept of “smart” home is far from new, many manufacturers are working in this direction, but so far to establish a common standard they failed. The first step is to integrate different devices has made the company Nest, which successfully developed under the wing of Internet giant Google.

As part of its program Works with Nest company announced the compatibility of its thermostats and smoke detectors with new devices from other manufacturers. The list of partners already in August smart lock, Automatic driving assistant, Insteon, LG appliances, Lutron, Ooma Telo, Philips Hue, Unikey / Kevo smart lock, Withings Aura sleep system, and within a year the program will join five other major manufacturers. List convincing, let us together look at how this galaxy devices spratsyuyetsya reasonable under the roof of your house.


The most banal, but no less interesting example is the combination of smoke detectors Nest and reasonable bulbs Philips Hue. At operation sensor light will flash or burn a different color, allowing you to react immediately, even if you are in another room.


Home appliances will also be coming to terms with Nest. Given the data from the thermostat Nest, smart fans Big Ass Fans will maintain the room temperature at a constant level without your participation. Refrigerator LG and Whirlpool washing machine enters power saving mode and clever August Smart Lock lock automatically closes the door as soon as you leave the house.


You can remotely control your smart home applications using Lutron and Insteon, which soon will integrate with Nest.


Recall that the announcement could boast Nest device integration with fitness bracelets Jawbone, remote controls Logitech, surveillance cameras and services Dropcam Google Now and IFTTT. Therefore, Google has taken the first big step towards winning another promising market – market devices for smart homes.

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