Smart home on the version of the Japanese – Home Energy Management System


Japan has developed an automated system Home Energy Management System, designed to manage power in the house. Developers are sure – cozy house should certainly be smart and be able to efficiently use energy.
One of the key elements of the system are domestic battery. At night, he filled up “the purchase” energy from the power grid, and a day – electricity produced in set building solar panels. HEMS – is in some ways the brain of the house. The functions of the automated system includes data analysis, optimal allocation of available energy in the building, management appliances and even dressing standing electric garage.
In peak power consumption for periods (usually in the morning and evening) system sets the optimum mode in air conditioners, heating devices and other types of electrical equipment that works in the house all the time. In the near future, the Japanese created a “smart” building will be able to find out which device you need the most electricity. Given the weather forecast created guidelines to help most rational use device.


The system established by the Ministry of Economy and Industry. The cost of purchasing and installing HEMS quite large, but the savings that it has achieved tangible, and it is obviously concerned authorities of the rising sun. The state is ready to compensate costs about a third of consumers who choose to install in your home.

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