“Smart” oven Electrolux will show the process of cooking on a smartphone or tablet

The Swedish company Electrolux this year will present a series of innovative products for today’s “digital” home.
It is reported that one of the new oven will be the ability to connect to a computer network. Home home using a special mobile application can download recipes and share experiences with other chefs cooking amateur.


Moreover, high-tech oven is integrated camera that will oversee the process of cooking remotely – via smartphone or tablet computer.
At Electrolux believe that 2015 will be the year and “smart” appliances. Previously, such devices were rather exotic, but now they will gradually enter into the daily lives of users. It is estimated that over the next five years, intelligent devices with Internet access to take 10% of household appliances.


Note that the “smart” appliances are developing other companies. For example, Samsung refrigerators designs on the operating system with Tizen large touch screen, through which you can view a variety of information from the Internet, take notes, and others. A range of appliances from LG is supporting innovative system of remote monitoring and control HomeChat.

source: www.3dnews.ru

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