“Smart” pan helps in cooking


The number of “smart” things growing every day. They penetrate all areas of our daily life and soon also flooded kitchen. And all thanks to a startup that appeared on the website Indiegogo, which began to develop “smart” pan.

A device called SmartyPan Bluetooth connection to your smartphone and can pass it on some details about cooking. Pan will be equipped with a temperature sensor, humidity and weight.


Thanks to measure these parameters in the smartphone app you will be able to signal when the course will approach the stage of readiness. It is noted that good control can pan frying or stewing process products in it.

However, according to the Creator’s plan, SmartyPan not designed to fully automate the process of cooking in the kitchen. It can only help you in this matter and will not let you forget that you have something on the stove preparing.

Also worth noting is that the smartphone app allows you to not only monitor the cooking process, but also provides a database of thousands of recipes to expand your knowledge in the culinary field.


Another important feature of the gadget is that it can be safely cleaned under running water without fear of damage to its electronic component. In addition, the creators claim that the battery in the pan will last for a month of use, and it can be recharged in just one hour.

Source: intell.in.ua

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