Sony has introduced intelligent lights with built-in speakers

Sony has decided to please enthusiasts concept of smart home and presented at a press conference at CES 2015 device Symphonic Light: This lamp with built-in wireless base audiodynamikom. Looks very attractive product (or, surprisingly – depending on your aesthetic end user).



The device used its own technology Sony Vertical Drive, which uses the material to create lamps sound. The lamp stands tweeter, so seemingly impossible to suspect that it is a audiokolonky. Ironically, the device sounds quite bearable, as noted journalists, music with vocals sounded clear, clear and loud enough.

Symphonic Light released as part of the Life Space UX, which Sony aims to develop things and devices with the ability to be connected and controlled with a smartphone. The cost and time-to-market Symphonic Light is not reported, although the machine is fully ready for commercial implementation.


In Symphony Light fixture company also showed a similar table lamp and LED-lamp with integrated speakers.




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