Submitted wireless charging, which allows you to charge gadgets at a distance of 5 meters

Contact wireless charging slowly spreading to the wallets of consumers. Devices that support this technology “out of the box” have appeared on store shelves. However, all these technologies now existing only works if the distance between the emitter and power unit, charged expressed in millimeters. The dream of a laptop, which you can walk around the house all day and have no need for a permanent connection to the socket, and remained a dream. To this day.


The young Californian company Energous introduced at CES 2015 Innovation charge WattUp, which allows you to charge mobile devices at a distance of 5 meters from the transmitter. In other words, restore the battery in smartphones, tablets, electric toothbrushes and be within the room. As a way of wireless transmission of energy radio waves are used.


To work with the right WattUp Case with built-in wireless charging and control device that transfers energy at a distance of five meters. Last charging devices that are within a radius of its action is not constant, but at lower level of this charge. Home charging (it ran at CES using iPad) interface uses Bluetooth, to determine the status of the battery in the relevant wireless receivers equipped with gadgets and in case of an exhausted smartphone or tablet automatically initiates charging process.

The process of energy transfer takes place through radio waves, converted to DC receivers. Depending on the distance and direction to mobile devices array of small antennas total charge periodically changes the configuration. It is possible to increase the efficiency of the whole system to 20%.


In the current version WattUp able to charge dozens of types of mobile and portable electronics with a total power consumption less than 10 watts at a distance of five meters. Power units serial production is planned to make a higher to a number of gadgets were charged simultaneously.

Approximate price WattUp will be about $ 300 per common unit charge plus $ 75-125 for each receiver. Perhaps by the time mass production will achieve some reduction in price.

Due to the obvious practicality WattUp technology may be a universal solution. In Energous plan to license the technology to other manufacturers, including Apple. So in the future are expected to appear a variety of gadgets that supports this method of charging.

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