Super card Stratos replace all credit


Stratos company was founded in 2012. Its creators have decided not to use croudfinding platform, and raised $ 7 million from private investors.

This allowed them without being constantly harassed by sacrificing their blood community, slowly develop the technology and develop marketing direction. The flip side of this is low popularity Stratos.

Employees TechCrunch managed to visit in the office and “live” to get acquainted with new development. Universal card that resembles a normal credit card, will be bundled with the device for reading magnetic strips that can be connected to your phone.

To add your bank card in enough to hold them through the reader by running a special pre-application. Chief Technical Director Henry Balanon says that key information is not transmitted cards servers Stratos. The company gets only the minimum necessary data used to determine the authenticity of the user.


After scanning cards (there may be virtually unlimited) users can choose three of them, which can be accessed directly through the service Stratos.

Information card is encrypted and stored locally on your phone. On the back of the device Stratos are two magnetic strips, allowing the map to work with almost any type of reader. According to the developers, the decision rivals deprived of such opportunities.

On universal card issued Stratos subscription. Annual usage costs $ 95, and for subscribing to two years to pay $ 149 cards Deliveries will start in April.

Inside Stratos Card are printed circuit adapter Bluetooth LE, several indicators and thin lithium-ion battery, a charge which will last for two years. This is placed in a waterproof housing that meets safety requirements ISO 7810 and ISO 7816. In the banking encryption level, the referee added as an extra layer of protection.


If the card for some time set by the user is removed from the smartphone user, it is automatically locked and is unnecessary for a potential attacker.
Note that these solutions are also offered Coin and Plastc.


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