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Connecting to Arduino 433MHz transmitter and receiver. Wireless control relay.

In this paper we consider the work of Arduino with 433 MHz radio transmitter and receiver (Figure 1). In particular implement wireless control electromagnetic relays using the clock button. Figure 1 – The radio transmitter and receiver Wireless modules transmitters allow Arduino to communicate with other Arduino, or radio controlled devices that operate on the…

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Arduino + servo + potentiometer

Servo – a drive that is controlled through negative feedback, allowing fine control of movement parameters. Servo is any type of mechanical drive, which is a part of sensor (position, velocity, force, etc.) and drive control unit that automatically maintains the required parameters for sensors and device according to the given external value. Connecting to…

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Transistor – ubiquitous and important component in modern microelectronics. Its purpose is simple: it allows you to use the small-signal control is much stronger. In chastnoti, it can be used as a controlled “choke”: the absence of the signal at the “gate” to block the flow of current, flow – allow. In other words, this…

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