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Ultrasonic sensor

The sensor device that converts electrical energy into ultrasonic waves (mechanical vibration with a frequency greater than 20 kHz), is called the ultrasound transducer. The principle of operation of the ultrasonic sensor is similar to radar and assesses whether objectives based on the interpretation of the signal reflected from it. Taking the speed of sound…

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Hall effect and sensor

The Hall effect was discovered in 1879 by American scientist Edwin Herbert Hall. Its essence is as follows (see Fig. 1). If through the conductive plate to pass current, and perpendicular to the plate to direct the magnetic field in the direction of the transverse current (and the direction of the magnetic field) on the…

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Arduino + reed sensor

Reed sensor is a special device designed to increase the security level of individual objects. The main active components of this product are reed switch and magnet, so that the device and got an appropriate name. Sensor reacts to opening doors in private homes and far from their garages, utility rooms, metal containers. (figure 1).…

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