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Toshiba’s Smart Home

Toshiba has created a prototype of a “smart” home. It is located on the territory of an industrial complex in Fuchu Tokyo, where the all the major development and testing solutions in the field of social infrastructure.

Smart home based on thermostats Nest

The concept of “smart” home is far from new, many manufacturers are working in this direction, but so far to establish a common standard they failed. The first step is to integrate different devices has made the company Nest, which successfully developed under the wing of Internet giant Google.

Security camera for smart home Netatmo Welcome

The most important function for smart home has been and remains its protection. Professional and special conditions of installation require significant investment. You can try to install inexpensive amateur cameras, but this mass no one will. The company realized it Netatmo one of the first set and offered protective amateur class size “all in one”.