The world’s first personal robot with artificial intelligence

Robot with artificial intelligence that is ready to become a personal assistant, stylist, guardian, photographer and telepresence device was demonstrated on Consumer Electronics (CES) in Las Vegas. Personal Robot Creators call their product “revolutionary” and said that he “will change everything.”


Personal Robot is a startup company developing Robotbase from New York. The robot works with Internet devices such as smart thermostat Google Nest, as well as applications including – Facebook, Twitter and Amazon.
According to the developers, integration with mobile applications allows the machine with artificial intelligence to buy food to its owner, trace amount of food eaten and calories consumed, taxi and take pictures when he was posing people, and do many other things.


The robot is able to not only understand the language, but also to see the surrounding objects as we see them. Face Recognition and objects outside the home helps him move independently Street – reported in Robotbase.


Robotbase is among the first companies that used artificial intelligence in robotics. It is reported that computer vision, Face Detection, emotions and images are implemented in the Personal Robot with a single algorithm.


This is not simple robot, it’s artificial intelligence. It not only recognizes your face, he sees your mood. He not only understands what you say, but also what you have in mind. He learns and gets smarter every day.


Personal Robot supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and uses a variety of built-in sensors that help him control the environment and perform complex tasks, such as checking present in the room or read bedtime stories to children.

By pre-booking the robot is less than $ 1,000. In its retail price will rise to 1 995 dollars.

For more information about the project Personal Robot can be found on the website Kickstarter.

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