Toshiba’s Smart Home


Toshiba has created a prototype of a “smart” home. It is located on the territory of an industrial complex in Fuchu Tokyo, where the all the major development and testing solutions in the field of social infrastructure. Toshiba Smart Home are open to the public and visitors can personally acquainted with the entire set of integrated solutions, including those that are under testing or exist only in the form of concepts. At the venue Toshiba Smart Home development company demonstrated in three areas: “Energy”, “Comfort” and “Health”.

Optimization systems installed in Toshiba Smart Home, monitor behavioral characteristics of residents and optimizes work home systems, thus minimizing the cost of heating and electricity. For example, air conditioning and lighting using special sensors that respond to human presence in the room and automatically turns on or off the light and flow of cool air.

Also present in the Toshiba Smart Home and popular solutions in healthcare. Residents of the building is proposed to wear special bracelets that will record vital signs and the conditions of their sleep, thus accumulating a lot of useful information. Also in some rooms “smart” home installed RENECAT – photocatalyst with deodorant and antimicrobial properties. To maintain the purity used automatic vacuum cleaner at the HEMS (home energy management system).

Toshiba is committed to creating solutions that provide accommodation to society in terms of comfort and safety. To bring this idea to life, the company is focusing on developing relevant products and expanding its activities in the field of new “smart” solutions for the home.

Specifications of Toshiba Smart Home:


Region area: 140,77 м2
Total area: 225,13 м2
Home planning: 4 rooms, living room, dining room combined with kitchen.
The method of construction: wood board, 2х6.

The basic systems

– System HEMS (Home Energy Management System).
– Smart meter.
– Home solar power.
– Domestic battery eneGoon.
– Household fuel cell Ene-Farm.
– Heat pump installations Toshiba EcoCute.
– LED lighting.
– Central air conditioning system.
– Smart Eye Sensor, motion sensors with image recognition system.
– Control Panel “smart home”.
– “Smart” appliances.
– Medical equipment, etc.

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