UniPi: Smart home on Raspberry Pi

As we well know, Raspberry Pi is a single-board mini-computer that is based on Broadcom BCM2835 microprocessor clocked at 700 MHz (possible overclock to 1 GHz).
This development was highly productive source for new DIY (Do It Yourself) projects. Given the characteristics and functionality of the board Raspberry Pi, is quite natural that the main areas of use of robotics and systems have become “smart home”. The second area presents particular interest to us.
Indeed, when it comes to home automation, the Raspberry Pi is a solution that is safe to cope with the role of the controller. With the development of both the brand and the expansion of its community, the term “smart home” for Raspberry Pi (at least among DIY enthusiasts) are not something new or not tested. There are plenty of interesting projects. It’s no secret that the integration of automation systems not at the design stage, but directly to the existing dwelling (apartment, office building), it is necessary to control a fairly heavy load. To solve this problem, there are plenty of compatible Raspberry Pi boards from China. However, not all options are pretty good solution in terms of reliability and functionality.
Team cheshskyh engineers decided to create their expansion cards for Raspberry Pi, trying to make it as universal. Project UniPi got more than 7 thousand euros in donations on Indiegogo, while the authors first had to get 3000 euros for the release of an additional relay module.

The final version has the following features UniPi:
– 8 relays for switching external load;
– 14 digital inputs;
– 2 analog inputs;
– 1 analog output;
– Controller 1Wire;
– Real-time clock;


Board compatible with Raspberry Pi B and B +, with which it forms a neat module can only fit in the housing and connected to sensors and load. UniPi can be called one of the most successful projects in the field of DIY home automation, and it is hoped that developers will organize mass production of the device.


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